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  • Brooks Green

When to Shop for Insurance

I've been with the same company for years. I wonder if there are better deals out there?

I just barely renewed my policy. I guess I'm stuck with them for another year.

I don't even know what good coverage is. Maybe I'll just stick with what I have.

Do any of these sound familiar? Have you wondered if there are better deals or coverages out there but you just don't know how to find them? Shopping for insurance seems tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few tips to help you know how to shop and when you should buy.


•Do I need to wait until my policy expires to switch insurance carriers? Nope! You can switch carriers at any time, regardless of how many months/years you have had the policy. If you decide to switch mid-policy, your current insurance company will return any unused paid premium.

•Your policy renewal notice just came in the mail- time to shop around for coverage! Shopping around a few months before your policy renews allows you to see what your pricing will be so you can easily compare coverage across different carriers.


•Auto insurance driver adjustments- When you add or remove a driver from your policy, it's a good idea to shop around. New teen driver? Child looking for their own policy? Marriage in your future? All of these are great opportunities to compare coverage and look for discounts.

•When you make a new purchase. Purchasing a home or vehicle is an excellent time to compare different rates. It is helpful to know how your rates might change when making a big purchase.


•As part of their business practices, insurance companies continually adjust their prices. It's a good idea to shop around before your policy renews to make sure you are getting the best deal.

•Be careful of switching carriers too frequently. If you change insurance companies too often, your overall insurance rating will go down. Shopping for insurance every year to two years is ideal.


Remember that looking for insurance quotes is j

ust an opportunity to shop for the best coverage and pricing. Quoting is of no cost or obligation to you, and you don't need to change companies unless you want to. This should be a hassle free process to make sure you are getting the coverage you need at a price that fits in your budget.

Shopping for insurance can seem like a hassle, but having an independent insurance agent on your side will make the job that much easier. Give me a call today so we can find the right coverage for you and the best possible price.

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